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Do you hate Google reading your mail?

The Heroic Sandwich ("Hero") offers secure email for a yearly fee. No one will read your mail.

  • Amazing '@hero.com' addresses
  • Read your mail on any device via IMAP
  • Search with fully-indexed IMAP server-side search
  • Sync your contacts and calendar items
  • Completley backed-up daily to an encrypted Amazon EBS volume

Mail: offers@hero.com to request service.

The Heroic Sandwich, GP

Document Search and Review

  • Web-based, no install, works on any browser.

  • Lightning fast, easy to learn, access from anywhere.

  • Real-time HEROesq support by experienced, licensed attorneys.

Find the needle in the haystack. Level the playing field.

HERO lets you search millions of documents in less than a second. Quickly find, review, and annotate on your own secure local server or with HERO's secure cloud access.

Watch our demo to see how you can be a HERO.